Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blog Feedback - Part 2

Once again, I received feedback on my blog, to see how I am doing and how far I have reached in the whole process. It was marked, and then I received verbal feedback.

One of the points on improvement where the fact that I need to add some more images to accompany my text, wherever necessary. Due to this point, I have viewed my posts and seen where I can add images, and done so accordingly. Also, it was noted that sometimes my explanations and posts where a bit on the short side, and required a better quality of writing. I then proceeded to add more explanations on my posts, and tried to write more where I could, but not trying to make it appear longer where it does not need to be.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Blog Feedback - Part 1

This is feedback from my teacher about my blog.

Changes I made

The main issue occurred was that my blog posts didn't flow in a reasonably suitable order. The posts were all cluttered up, due to posting them each at different times. I learnt how to change the date and time, and have now arranged them so all the journal posts flow in order. For example, all the pitch posts now go together and so on with the other posts. This had to be changed to make it easier to read and easier to find. Also, I had to change all the names of my lesson posts to journal, due to them sounding more like the journal entries.. I changed the post titles on each of the lesson posts by editing it.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Finishing Touches

After receiving our feedback during the screening of our title sequence, we then had to review the feedback and see how we could address the problems that occurred. 

We firstly had to go back and make the clips shorter, due to people stating that some went on for too long - which we agreed with. The clips that mainly went on for too long were the walking scenes, so we trimmed off one or two seconds of some of the walking scenes. We noticed that it still felt a bit too long, so made the decision to remove clips that we felt unnecessary, particularly the running scenes, but still kept some in. This reduced our title sequence to run under two minutes.

We then was told that we had too many fades/dissolve effects, too the point where it became a bit silly. So, we looked over the clip too see where we could remove dissolves and replace them with cuts. This gave our title sequence a better pacing. We also had the issue of pacing, where the teacher pointed out that the pacing becomes slow as the last character is revealed. To make it faster in pace, we cut the clip into little sections to make it appear as if the killer has jumped instead of walking straight.

With these changes, we improved our title sequence into the final version.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Screening Feedback

This is the feedback we received when we screened our title sequence to the class, which what we need to improve and what went well to help us create our final version:

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


We screened our first draft of our title sequence to the entire class. The reasoning for doing this is because we wanted to receive feedback from other people, and the fact that we have been editing the clip for so long, it is noted that we may not notice the mistakes, whereas other people could easily point them out.

Once we screened our clip, the class were asked to fill out a feedback form, containing various questions for them to answer. When they had filled that out, they were asked to give verbal feedback on positive and negative aspects of our clip.

As a whole, we received good feedback from the class, with some minor issues that can be solved relatively easily, such as the pace seemed to change at parts it should not, and that the titles at the end needed to be sorted out, which we knew already and minor editing like shortening some clips, and extending some others - which could all be done quickly.